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Ignite Flyff - Testing with the Staff!

Hello Ignite Flyff Players

We are opening applications for players, to apply to test one of our new dungeons. You will be given gear to battle this dungeons and

be added to a channel to communicate with the staff about the testing of this dungeons.…

Design a Cloak Contest!

The Design a Cloak Contest is over, thank you very much for participating!
We'll announce the winners on Sunday 17th June!

Ignite Staff Applications are now open!

Hello Ignite Flyff Players!
We are currently looking for 1~2 Gamemasters for our staff team!
Below I will list a format / guideline of some questions for you to answer, you do not only have to answer these questions, so feel free to add extra…

Weekend Events for June 15th - June 17th

Hey Everyone!
Hopefully everyone has had an awesome week! As I've posted beforehand I am looking into making these scheduled events more fun / available for everyone.

If you'd like to participate in this discussion please add your opinions here:

Giveaway Winners - Redraw

!!! Update on the Major winner !!!
The real actual winner is ~