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PaySafeCards are back!

PaySafeCards Are Back!
You now have the option to buy Ignite Points with your paysafecards

~Ignite Staff

Patch Notes 2.1.2

Patch Notes 2.1.2

Spooky Halloween

The Zombies have escaped from the graveyard. Mr Pumpkin needs your help to catch them! Zombies you kill will drop Zombie Hunter Tokens, which can be exchanged with Mr Pumpkin in Flaris for special reward like the

Spooky Maintenance 21/10/2017

Hello Ignite Flyff Players!

We will be undergoing a maintenance on Sunday the 21st of October at 8AM UTC.
Time Converter ~~Here's a converter if you need to see what it is in your local time.
Thank you!

This patch will also launch our Halloween Event

Ignite meets Fortnite - Limited Fashion Sale

New Limited Time Items!
These skins will be available until 24h October only.
Get them while you can! These skins are available in the Ignite shop.

( From left: Zoey Set, Brite Bomber Set, Brite Gunner Set, Tricera Ops Set, Rex Set )

( From the…

Patch Notes 2.0.2

Hotfix Patch Notes 2.0.2

General Changes:
- Fixed the issue with Aminus Boss dealing a ridiculous amount of aoe damage.
- All dungeons have had the speed cap reduced from 160 to 130 in order to combat some bugging issues.
- Further methods have been…