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Recent Patch Delays

Hello Ignite Players!

We thank you all for your patience with us during these past few weeks, as you know we are a team of 3 with only 1 source developer, so sometimes things can be a bit slow and we do very much apologise for this.
We have all been…

Siege with the Staff Normal Siege! 14th - 15th of July


We will continue the success of the event Siege with the Staff, and invite you to another Siege Weekend!

What event is this?: This is essentially just a regular Guild Siege, but several Staff members will participate as well! There…

Client Issue

Hello Players,

UPDATE: We now have completely functioning clients uploaded to our website, if you're facing issues, please download the INSTALLER from the website.

If you are having issues with the client reinstalling when running the patcher, uninstall…

Weekend Events for July 6th - July 8th

Hey Everyone!

Recently we have tested with notifying players in Discord when there's an event coming up. We've had some feedback on this, and we have created a new group for event notifications.

If you'd still like to receive this notification when…

Welcome new GMs - Oranges and Illusion

It is my pleasure to announce to the community that we have reviewed all GM applications, held interviews and and as a result are welcoming Oranges and Illusion to the Ignite staff team!

Please be kind to them while they are in this period of…