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Server Restart 16/04/2018

update on the time, it's 6am not PM.

Public Beta Environment - Ignite Flyff

PBE Server
Hello Ignite FlyFF Players! we're coming to our players to inform your all that we have now opened up
our PBE server to the public. We have done a short trial run of this and have found that this is the best
method we can use to get…

Weekend Events for April 13th - 15th - Super weekend!

Helloooo everyone!

We're back with a weekend full of events! There is so much going on right now, I hope you plan to make the most of it and join in on all the fun!

~ First of all, in our patch notes this week we announced that there would be a weekend

New to the Ignite Store



Patchnotes 0.16

Patch Notes 0.16

Weekend Event:
As a compensation for the database crashes earlier in the week, we will be running a 1.5x EXP and -20% Dungeon Cooldown event all weekend. Make sure to log in at some point to take advantage of this as they will be…