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Weekend events for March 23rd - 25th

Hope your week has gone well!

For the next few weekends I'll be posting the schedule. There's a new Easter Event which has started already, so hopefully everyone isn't too busy for our scheduled events!

The schedule for this weekend looks like this:

Weekend events for March 16th - 18th, St. Patrick's Day special!

Hiiiii community!

Middle of March already, the time passes by so quickly! Are you celebrating St. Patrick's day? I thought it would be nice with a little special events this weekend because of this!

Friday and Sunday's events will be as usual, but

Patch Notes 0.14

Patch Notes 0.14


"This week we have spent a lot of time reorganising the way we handle suggestions and
development within the team, we are trying out a new platform and so far it is going great!

We have also been discussing and adding

Weekend events for March 9th - 11th

Hello Ignite!

Are you looking forward to the spring as much as I am? Tell me this weekend!

I would appreciate every single one who can make time to join the events this weekend :3

The schedule for this weekend looks like this:

Friday 9th March:

Patch Notes 0.13

Patch Notes 0.13

This patch's main focus lies on rectifying several client and server instabilities that have been reported to us. It took some time but we want to make sure you get the best experience out of Ignite Flyff. We are aware of some…