Hotfix & Shop Update Patch 1.6

First of all we would like to thank all the players who play on Ignite FlyFF and support our work and send us wonderful messages every day. It means a lot to us that what we do appeals to such a large audience. The first week is over and we have been able to fix most of the bugs we had quickly. However, we are far from finished. Since the stress of the first week has subsided, we have started to implement your suggestions and work on improved Offi FlyFF content, such as the Secret Room which will be available next week and in a revised form as you know it.


  • Fixed a bug where players would have more stats as they actually should
  • Fixed a bug where your beads would disappear after swapping them


  • Changed the start time of Guild Siege to 8PM CET


  • Added 8 new loot pets into the game which can be optained by voting or Ignite Coins
  • Added more items into Ignite and vote shop