Patch Notes 1.10

- Fixed Time Run Achievements

- Increase Item Count from Learboard Boxes
- Add 5% DCT to Almighy Dragon King's Sets
- Increase Guild Buffs duration to 3 hours
- Decreased Penya from Beast King Khan
- Decreased Penya from Ivillis Boxter
- Removed 7%/ A Cards from Ivillis Boxter
- Lowered the Penya Fee from Guild Siege to 10m
- Lowered the resell price from Luzaka Weapons to 5m

- Added Epic Black Dragon King Set's, Masks and Cloak to [Guild War Manager] Donaris
- Added Private Funiture to [PvP Token] Zack
- Added 7% / A Lucky Card Box to Ivillis Leanes
- Added Power Ups to Vote Shop
- Added Cloaks to Vote Shop
- Added Weapon Skins to Vote Shop
- Added Pokeball (Badge) to Vote Shop
- Added Transy to the Vote Shop

- Decreased Hop damage by 20%
- Decreased Elementor AoE PvP damage by 10%
- Increased Asal damage by 33%
- Added a Cooldown to Counterattack