Patch Notes 2.0

New Content arrived on Ignite!

What's new? 
- Level cap increased to 121H
- New level 80M dungeons:
  • Savage Wilds (225 Gear Score required)
  • Isle of Dreams
  • Cove of the Ancients
  • Important information: If you increase your level above 80, you will no longer be able to enter Savage Wilds, Isle of Dreams or Abyssal Cove.
    We will not set your character back to level 80, please keep this in mind.
    Consider using /ExpUpStop to stop your character form level up further.

- New level 121H dungeons:

  • Cursed Aminus (315 Gear Score required)
  • Les Brittania (315 Gear Score required)

Gear Score:
Weapons and Jewelry released in this expansion will give you Gear Score. You can increase it even further by upgrading.
In order to enter dungeons with Gear Score requirements, you need at least the same amount of Gear Score.

General Changes:

  • Added guild warehouse to Darkon Public Office NPC
  • Bloody Cloud now mounts instantly
  • Moved the Secret Room NPC, added a second one in Eastern Flarine
  • Increased the drop rates of Animus, Ivillis and Meteonyker
  • Added Knuckle Exchange NPC in Flaris
  • Added leaderboard NPCs at every dungeon entrance
  • Added Master / Hero Quest NPC back to Vulcano
  • Added Chip Perins to Ignite Chip Dealer (1 Chip Perin = 1000 Ignite Chips)
  • Added over 100 new Daily Quests
  • Added new achievements
  • Added a warning if the Secret Room Line-Up fails
  • Vendor mail notification now working correctly in different languages
  • Added server announcement when a world boss has spawned
  • Fixed an issue with tradeable soul-bound items in banks
  • Removed the default hotkey of the Damage Meter (Ctrl+D), it can be re-assigned in options to a different hotkey
  • Added two new configurable hotkeys: Action Slot (C) & Map Transparency (CTRL + M)
  • Added a "Retrieve all" option for Postbox (right click on a mail)
  • The message "X uses Skill on you" will now show up once the debuff has been applied rather than when the skill is casted
  • Achievement points will be recalculated when you log in
  • The teleporter drop list doesn't show duplicate entries anymore

Reworked Farming Areas:

  • Tower B1 is now 121-H AoE farming area
  • Tower B2 is now 121H 1vs1 farming area
  • Tower B3 is now 80-M 1vs1 farming area
  • Tower B4 is now 80-M AoE farming area

Balance Changes:

  • Decreased Spirit Bomb Damage in PvP
  • Decreased Psychic Bomb Damage in PvP
  • Reduced Magic Damage % on most wands.
  • Water Cards (B) and (A) now give 1% / 2% Magic Damage

Guild Donating Improvement

You can now automatically donate X% of your penya drops to your guild!
Just go to the Guild Contribution window and select the amount you want to donate.

Reworked Ringmaster Hero Skill

Since the RIngmaster Hero skill has been pretty useless, we decided to rework it.
It will apply all available Ringmaster buffs on the target or yourself.