Patch Notes 2.2

General Changes:

  • Changed color higlighting in the chat window to increase the readability
  • Your pickup-pet will stay outside if you teleport/respawn
  • Added a warning when items in your equipment switch configuration would become soulbound when used
  • Sun Essence will now also drop from monsters above level 120
  • Lowered the damage output from monsters in Darkon 2, Darkon 3 and Shaduwar
  • Daily quests have no end level requirement anymore
  • Lowered the amount of penya you get from the endboss of Ivillis dungeon by alot
  • Added Scroll of Awake Protection into the game
    • This scroll can be obtained in the Ivillis Dungeon and Sanpres master dungeon
    • You cannot trade this scroll
    • Using this scroll will protect your current awake. You can choose between the old awakening and new one.
    • Using this scroll will make your target item be soulbound. It can be unbound like every other soulbound item.


    • Linking items will now use the currently active chat channel
    • Fixed a bug where Physic Wall could not be casted sometimes
    • Fixed a bug where FFA would not start sometimes
    • Target reset for boss monsters inside dungeons is now working properly