Ignite Points Refund

Dear Ignite Flyff Players,

first and foremost, we would like to thank you all for a bumpy but yet (at least in our eyes) successful launch.

We would like to inform you how we are going to handle the Ignite Points refund.
We are aware that it is a controversially discussed topic also on our discord so it was a tough decision to be made.

After a long time of pondering we came to the conclusion that to ensure longevity and a healthy economy it is the best for Ignite Flyff and its players to grant a refund of a maximum of 7500 Ignite Points for every user who has purchased Ignite Points from 2017 until relaunch. If you have exceeded the amount of 7500 Ignite Points you will also receive some more exclusive items to thank you for your early and ongoing support: A Mount, CS Pet, Badge and 14 days of premium.

You will have to send an E-mail using the address you have registered with on Ignite before we wiped the server to refund@ignite-flyff.com with the following information:

- New character name (will receive the exclusive items)

- New web account name

Keep in mind to choose the designated character wisely as the items won't be transferrable to other characters after creation.

We will check your inquiry accordingly and will credit your new account with a refund as soon as possible.