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Design a Cloak Contest!

Push, don't forget it!

Fashion Items and Limited Time Skins Return!

Limited Time Skins~
Hydra Weapons are now back in the shop for 1 week!
Arctic shield has also returned for this week.

New Ignite Shop Fashion:
(Hidden Content)

(Hidden Content)

(Hidden Content)

(Hidden Content)

Patchnotes 0.20

Patch Notes 0.20


  • Increased the maximum Client limit to 8
  • [Vote Shop] Kyoko is now available
    • You can buy now Vote Tokens in the Vote Shop and exchange them In-Game!
    • Find these at Start -> Premium -> Shop -> Vote Shop -> Misc

Maintenance 24/05/2018

Hello Ignite Flyff Players!

We will be undergoing a maintenance on Thursday the 24th of May at 8pm UTC.
Time Converter ~~Here's a converter if you need to see what it is in your local time.
Thank you!

~Ignite Staff

Weekend Events for May 18th - 20th

Hi everyone!

Hello Ignite! Many people are having exams these days, and I wish you all the best of luck and hope that you pass and get the grades you want and need!

New weekend, new set of events and I hope to see you all around! I will keep doing…