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Balance testing

Balance testing

Currently our staff team is very busy working on various different tasks. I have been assigned to oversee work on PvE/PvP balance, for which I need more active testers to help us out. You do not need to have a lot of experience in…

We do not delevel

We will not be deleveling characters anymore, we have had a large influx of players who are not caring for the responsability of using the exp stop. This is your own fault and not ours. Please do not message staff about this. Thank you.

Patch Notes 2.2.0

Patch Notes 2.2.0

General Changes:
- Balance analysis has now commenced, We have implemented a method of increasing / decreasing PvP skill and attack damage that does not
Effect PvE. This will make it easier to make changes to skills that only need…

Give us Feedback!

We Value Your Input!
We've been listening to your suggestions and implemented all of the ones that the community agree with.
We're hosting events and dealing with technical support every day. But we want to know more! Tell
us what we can do to make…

Maintenance 30/10/2018

Hello Ignite Flyff Players!

We will be undergoing a maintenance on Tuesday the 30th of October at 8PM UTC.
Time Converter ~~Here's a converter if you need to see what it is in your local time.
Thank you!

~Ignite Staff