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Expansion: Crafting, Guild Clash, Battlegrounds, Level 130 Content



  • Vally of the Risen, Kaillun Grassland and Bahara Desert can now be accessed as well as Catacombs of Anguish, Ankou's Asylum and Kalgas Cave.
  • Levelcap has been increased from 121 Hero to 130 Hero
  • Third job classes (Slayer, Templar, ...) quests added to the game
  • Added new worldbosses to the game. You will see them in the new leveling areas
  • Added new achievements for the new leveling areas

New Features:

  • Guild Clash has been added to the game. More information can soon be found in our wiki.
  • Battlegrounds has been added to the game. More information can soon be found in our wiki.
  • Crafting (A full guide to crafting can soon be found in our wiki):
    • Players can drop recipes and crafting material.
    • Recipes can be unlocked by double clicking on the recipe
    • Certain recipes require a specific crafting level
    • Crafting level can be increased by crafting items

    • You can now set a note for each friend in your messenger 

      Other changes:

      • Bead Pets can now have up to 12 beads. To unlock the new 3 slots you will have to use the Magical Bead key that can be optained via crafting
      • Fixed modelchange pet bug and tons of other bugs

      Christmas Event 2019/12/07 - 2019/12/26

      Christmas Event

      2019/12/07 - 2019/12/26
      The NPC's will despawn on 4th of January.

      During the event, XP rate is increased by 25% and the drop rate is increased by 10%.
      Additionally, every weekend the XP rate is increased by an extra 25%!

      The naughty masquerpets have stolen all of Santa's presents!
      Santa has asked everyone to help him!
      The presents will drop from Christmas Boxes or will lay on the ground.
      They Christmas Boxes are running around Madrigal!

      Christmas Rift
      Finish the rift in time to receive some event items!

      Patch Notes 2.7

      - Party Loot "Manually" has been fixed
      - While Refresher Hold is active, you respawn with full MP
      - You can use the follow key for flying to follow now on the ground
      - Hero RM Skill Cooldown has been reduced to 10 seconds
      - Added Cash Shop NPC to Darkon
      - You can now also awake in Saint Morning and Darkon
      - World Bosses will now do some AoE damage
      - Giants Lv105+ will no longer show up as daily quests
      - Added Balloons and Mounts to Ignite Chip Shop

      New Dungeon: Guelia
      You can farm boxes here, that contain either Lv2 or Lv3 Beads.
      2 Entries per day.

      Patch Notes 2.6

      Battlegrounds changes:

      - Decreased the price of Furniture box from 210 to 150 Victory Flames
      - Decreased the price from skins

      - Added a new Battlegrounds box for stage 1-3
      - Added dropable weapon skins to all stages
      - Added a new Treasure to all stages, Key can be obtained from Himadel for one Victory Flame
      - You'll receive now a random amount of Victory Flames each boss kill, the new maximum amount is 47
      - Adjusted the adds amount from Bases
      - Decreased the Boss HP for stage 5 - 10
      - Increased the Base HP for stage 8 - 10

      The Wiki will be updated later today with the new changes.

      General changes:
      - Increased the damage of GPotato worldboss
      - Increased the level of worldbosses
      - If the worldboss hp resets, your dealed damage will be resetted as well
      - Removed the Halloween theme flaris
      - Removed the Halloween Rift

      New Battlegrounds items preview:

      Rock-Paper-Scissors Event 31/10/2019 - 03/11/2019

      Rock-Paper-Scissors Master Zen has appeared in Flaris.
      He is one of the best Rock-Paper-Scissors players of Madrigal.
      Do you think you can beat him? Try your luck and defeat him!

      You can get the coupons from RPS Master Zen.

      Heat Pill
      Remantis Laccotte
      Ultra Shout (1 day)
      Lucky Rock-Paper-Scissors Box
      Scroll of Model Change
      Premium (24 hours)
      Scroll of Awakening Protection
      Blessed Smilodon
      Premium (24 hours)
      Scroll of Unbinding
      Little Zen

      All characters above level 80 will get one free try every hour!