Under Construction

The Upgrades Begin

Recently, we have asked our players to participate in a survey to help us figure out how we can improve Ignite Flyff and how we shouhld go about doing that. With a massive, welcoming response from our community, we now have alot of new information and feedback on ways we can better Ignite Flyff going forward. As such we have taken Ignite Flyff offline to commence our rebuild and rebrand.

What happens Next?

Over the next few weeks we will be hard at work, working on our new and improved Ignite Flyff. We will be interacting with our discord community, asking questions and making polls, on what we should add / remove and if our changes sound like good ideas or bad ideas. The more people we have in our discord server participating the better. Find a link to it below!

Introducing Ignite Flyff

Once we have finished our construction on Ignite Flyff we will be opening up specific time slots to ALL of the community. We will not be expecting you to test the entire game, as that is not needed. But we will be requesting that players help us is massive PvP Balance overhauls and some PvE class balancing. Additional content may be hidden to players, or not yet developed at this time, so please do not expect an entirely different game.

Our Goal

We aim for Ignite Flyff to have a long lasting life span with quality updates and interacting more with our community. We will be implementing ways to directly and discreatly share you opinion with our servers staff members. We want everyone to be heard, though please keep in mind, all suggestions will be anonymously voted on, as it will be the players building the content with our staff, to make sure it is right and fitting.

Get Involved!