Recent News

Hotfix 1.10

- Fixed an issue where Boss Monster can be stunned
- Meteonyker shouts will only be shown to people in the very same instance
- Increased the bullet speed from Drakul's range attacks

Patch Notes 1.10

- Fixed Time Run Achievements

- Increase Item Count from Learboard Boxes
- Add 5% DCT to Almighy Dragon King's Sets
- Increase Guild Buffs duration to 3 hours
- Decreased Penya from Beast King Khan
- Decreased Penya from Ivillis Boxter
- Removed 7%/ A Cards from Ivillis Boxter
- Lowered the Penya Fee from Guild Siege to 10m
- Lowered the resell price from Luzaka Weapons to 5m

- Added Epic Black Dragon King Set's, Masks and Cloak to [Guild War Manager] Donaris
- Added Private Funiture to [PvP Token] Zack
- Added 7% / A Lucky Card Box to Ivillis Leanes
- Added Power Ups to Vote Shop
- Added Cloaks to Vote Shop
- Added Weapon Skins to Vote Shop
- Added Pokeball (Badge) to Vote Shop
- Added Transy to the Vote Shop

- Decreased Hop damage by 20%
- Decreased Elementor AoE PvP damage by 10%
- Increased Asal damage by 33%
- Added a Cooldown to Counterattack

Balance Patch 1.9


  • Added Dragon sets to Ignite Chip Shop and Ignite Coins shop
  • Increased cooldown of Rooting skill to 3 seconds
  • Increased cooldown of Satanology skill to 3 seconds
  • Increased cooldown of Sneaker skill to 1,5 seconds
  • Buffpangs in guild siege and FFA now provide you with a speed buff

FFA Balance Patch 1.8


  • When converting card items, you can now select the amount of items you want to convert
  • When removing jewels from your weapon you can now choose which jewel you want to remove
  • When adding jewels to your weapon the window wont close anymore
  • You can now delete your guild logo
  • Added a check when players tries to sell items in private shops for less than the NPC selling price
  • Revamped the private chat window
    • Can be minimized now
    • Will safe your last conversation texts


  • Disabled the record book for players

FFA Changes:

  • The killfeed got moved under the ranking
  • Increased map size
  • Added more spawn points
  • Nerfed Elementor AOE damage in PVP by 10%
  • Spawnprotection will also apply on first entry

Hotfix Patch 1.7

As some of you may have already seen in our Discord, we are already working on bigger suggestions like the improved Private Chat. Since the stress of the first week is slowly coming to an end, you can expect some of the bigger suggestions next week.


  • Fixed a bug where servers buffs like Anarchy or guild would not apply stats correctly
  • Swordcross now applies to all monsters
  • All loot pets from the Ignite Surprise Box can be traded now


  • Added Bead Slot Keys to Ignite Chip Vendor NPC
  • Collecting now only works on Channel 2
  • Tickets must be activated from the inventory now