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New in the Ignite Shop

With the latest patch, we've added some New Fashion Items to our mall.
We also decreased the price of the server buffs category.

A list and screenshots can be found below.

Jin Set Male

Marko Set Male

Hunsha Wedding Set Male


Patch Notes 3.0.2

Patch Notes 3.0.2

Cairo's Dungeon:
  • Adjusted the Clone spawn time
  • Updated the SFX of Golem's Aoe Skill
  • Clones will now dissapear when you wipe
  • Some more adjustments to the map


  • Fixed the Les Britannia S Tokens in Achievement System (

Maintenance 17/01/2019

Hello Ignite Flyff Players!

We will be undergoing a maintenance on Thursday the 17th of January at 7:30pm UTC.
Time Converter ~~Here's a converter if you need to see what it is in your local time.
Thank you!

~Ignite Staff

Patch Notes 3.0.1

Patch Notes 3.0.1

General Changes:
- Moved the Achievements menu in the task menu to "Systems"
- Fixed a bug causing monsters to not respawn properly

Patch Notes 3.0.0

Patch Notes 3.0.0

The idea is to create a continuable dungeon system implementing new, challenging bosses using extensive mechanics. Raid dungeons should be based on IDs which reset periodically ( once in a week ). It is meant to replace the poor…