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Patch Notes 2.6

Battlegrounds changes:

- Decreased the price of Furniture box from 210 to 150 Victory Flames
- Decreased the price from skins

- Added a new Battlegrounds box for stage 1-3
- Added dropable weapon skins to all stages
- Added a new Treasure to all stages, Key can be obtained from Himadel for one Victory Flame
- You'll receive now a random amount of Victory Flames each boss kill, the new maximum amount is 47
- Adjusted the adds amount from Bases
- Decreased the Boss HP for stage 5 - 10
- Increased the Base HP for stage 8 - 10

The Wiki will be updated later today with the new changes.

General changes:
- Increased the damage of GPotato worldboss
- Increased the level of worldbosses
- If the worldboss hp resets, your dealed damage will be resetted as well
- Removed the Halloween theme flaris
- Removed the Halloween Rift

New Battlegrounds items preview:

Rock-Paper-Scissors Event 31/10/2019 - 03/11/2019

Rock-Paper-Scissors Master Zen has appeared in Flaris.
He is one of the best Rock-Paper-Scissors players of Madrigal.
Do you think you can beat him? Try your luck and defeat him!

You can get the coupons from RPS Master Zen.

Heat Pill
Remantis Laccotte
Ultra Shout (1 day)
Lucky Rock-Paper-Scissors Box
Scroll of Model Change
Premium (24 hours)
Scroll of Awakening Protection
Blessed Smilodon
Premium (24 hours)
Scroll of Unbinding
Little Zen

All characters above level 80 will get one free try every hour!

Patch Notes 2.5

- Increased the starting chance of rifts
- Added a closing time for rifts

- Cheer can't be holied anymore
- The Evil Witch can't be stunned anymore
- Removed Master / Hero from Wilds Quest
- Fixed animated cloaks in model viewer
- Fixed missing stats of Epic Black Dragon King's set parts
- Fixed an issue with dark illusion

- Increased Knight damage in pvp
- Increased Hit of Penya damage in pvp
- Changed the casting animation of Supernova
- Increased the damage of Supernova in pvp
- Decreased Jesters autoattack damage in pvp
- Decreased Billposters autoattack damage in pvp

The Battlegrounds
The battlegrounds is an Colosseum-esque mini-game.
Inside you will be faced with ten waves, which you and your party will be required to clear to successfully move on to the next round.
Each round, four bases will spawn and the boss of the stage.

A more detailed guide will folllow soon in our wiki.

Full size image:

Halloween Event 20/10/2019 - 03/11/2019

Event Duration: 20/10/2019 - 03/11/2019
The Event NPCs will despawn on 10/11/2019

It's that time of the year again. The weather gets worse, it's raining a lot and ghosts keep appearing.
Wait... Ghosts?! Yes, ghosts! During the Witching Hour, ghosts will roam around madrigal haunting every little corner.
We need all of you, who are not too frightened or sitting on their couches with a cozy blanket, to take on these spooky minions!
They will drop a Trick or Treat Box, from which you can obtain a server buff box, a mount or a Ghostly Gerald pick-up pet. Indeed a one-of-a-kind pet.
Ghosts will spawn multiple times a day during the Wichting Hour, you will notice when it starts.
However, don't just wait until the Wichting Hour is over, the ghosts will continue to haunt Madrigal.

Help Peter Pumpkin out by returning some pumpkins to him, which the masquerpets have stolen from him. You can exchange them for awesome items.

That's all? Wrong! During the Halloween event, we also introduce something new: the Halloween Rift. Between 9am and 11pm (server time) these will open at random locations in Madrigal.
Where exactly can be seen on the world map.
The server will also be rewarded with a one to three hour server buff when the rift boss is defeated.
After you defeated the final rift boss, every player that fulfilled the requirement (dealing/taking a certain amount of damage or healing for a certain amount) will receive 3 Trick or Treat boxes.
Monsters in the Halloween Rift will also drop Halloween Pumpkins, which can be exchanged at Peter Pumpkin.

Patch Notes 2.4

- Every Sunday at 1pm CET there will be an Level 15 Vagrant Guild Siege

- Reduced the Guild Siege War Time from 45 to 30 minutes
- Lowered the cooldown of Remantis Laccotte from 3 to 2 seconds
- Added 40% casting time on Royalum Stick
- Added a 3 seconds cooldown to Mental Strike
- Lowered the reflect damage from 50% to 25% on following sets: Weesian, Hanes, Katria, Tyrent, Mekaron, Elder
- Changed the set effects of Epic Black Dragon King's Set: Stats +10, PvP damage +5%, Attack rate +5%, Decrease casting time +5%, Increase critical damage +8%
- Changed the effects of Epic Black Dragon King's Mask: Stats +10, PvP damage +2%, Decrease casting time +3%, Increase critical damage +4%
- Changed the effects of Epic Black Dragon King's Cloak: Stats +10, PvP damage +3%, Decrease casting time +7%, Increase ciritical damage +4%, Speed +15%
- Increase Master / Hero selfbuff duration
- Removed the Arena in Flaris temporary until the Halloween Event is gone

Ignite Shop:
- Added Halloween CS Sets, Pets and Masks to the Shop until 03/11/2019