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Ignite Staff Applications are now open!

Hello Ignite Flyff Players!
With the release of the new Spark cluster, I would like to re-open the Ignite Flyff Staff applications.

The application period will be from now until the end of the 31st October UTC Time. Applications outside this period

Patch Notes 2.0.2

Hotfix Patch Notes 2.0.1

General Changes:
- Fixed the issue with Aminus Boss dealing a ridiculous amount of damage.

Known & Coming Fixes:

unfortunately didn't have enough time to find & fix the issue so please be aware that this will happen

Patch Notes 2.0.1

Hotfix Patch Notes 2.0.1

General Changes:
- Fixed the issue with slows / stuns and skills
- Red Meteonyker is working now
- All Wands have now the Attack Speed: Normal
- Free For All is now every 4 hours

Patch Notes 2.0.0

Patch Notes 2.0.0
All permanently bans have been lifted.

New Cluster:

A lot of people told us to wipe Ignite Flyff for a new beginning, we don't like wipes but we can start with a second cluster! Ignite Flyff will get a second Cluster called Spark…

Ignite Flyff - New beginning

Dear Ignite Players

A lot of old and new players asked us for a fresh start of Ignite Flyff.
Wiping a server is never a solution and we won't be doing that here.
Instead of a wipe, we will created a second cluster called Spark.
It will run on the