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Ignite Flyff - Giveaway!

Important Information
Welcome to Ignite Flyff's first giveaway! entering this giveaway is simple,
everyone who makes a purchase valued at 20 Euro or more ( multiple entries apply to higher amounts )
in the duration of this giveaway event, will be…

Database Crash Fixed

Hello ignite flyff players,
As you would of known we had some crashs the past couple of days. Now this was caused by 2 issues which, after the last crash yesterday, the 2nd reason was finally resolved. Now both issues are fixed.

Thank you for being…

Spring Screenshot contest!

Dear players of Ignite Flyff!

It's time for another Forum event! It has been a while since the last now, so I figured it was time to do another, and will try to keep it up on a more regular basis from now!


What event is this?: This…

Siege with the Staff

Hello to all of you!

Welcome to a new type of Event on this server; Siege with the Staff!

What event is this?: This is essentially just a regular Guild Siege, but several Staff members will participate as well! There will also be a few additional lives,…

Database Server Issues

It is fine to go back to your normal routine now.