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Ignite Flyff - New beginning

Dear Ignite Players

A lot of old and new players asked us for a fresh start of Ignite Flyff.
Wiping a server is never a solution and we won't be doing that here.
Instead of a wipe, we will created a second cluster called Spark.
It will run on the

Patch Notes 1.0.5

Patch Notes 1.0.5

Lucky Ignite Weekend 31/08/2018 - 02/09/2018 - Stay online to receive rewards!
There is a 20% EXP event during the Lucky Ignite Weekend; enjoy!

General Changes:

Added anarchy buff "Delusion of Strength"
Fixed description errors with…

Patch Notes 1.0.4

Patch Notes 1.0.4

Fishing and Cooking
New profession classes available!

Fishing: Search waters all over madrigal to find fishes and catch them with your rod! these fish and
herbs gathered from herbalism make for great meals!

Cooking: Once you've…

Patch Notes 1.0.3

Patch Notes 1.0.3

There will be a follow up patch between 14th ~ 16th that will contain the following, as well as more isn't listed here;

UPCOMING 1v1 Farming area for lv140 / lv145 / lv150

UPCOMING Balance adjustments for farming area's…

Weekend lvl 60 siege with the Staff!

Back by popular demand is the level 60 Staff Siege!

This Siege event will be held at 7pm UTC on Sunday the 5th, and will be for levels 60 and below!

What event is this?: This will be like any other Guild Siege, except for the level cap is…