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Weekend events for March 2nd - 4th

Hello good people!

March has started, spring is here, and we're back with some more weekend events!

I would be happy to see you there to join the events this first weekend of the month :>

The schedule for this weekend looks like this:


Patch Notes 0.12

Patch Notes 0.12

Sorry for the delay, we had some problems with our infrastructure.

  • Removed Vikky ( Valentine event NPC )
  • Adjusted the Dungeon Timers for the following:
    • Catacombs of Anguish
      • Hard Mode: 30 minutes
      • Heroic Mode:

Weekend Events for February 24th - 25th

Hello everyone! Hope you've had an amazing week!
This time around I'll be posting the weekend schedule. It's time to present to you with this weekend events!

I hope to see you there for the events we have planned!

The schedule for this weekend

Hotfix 0.11.1

  • Dungeons should work now as intended

Patch Notes 0.11

Patch Notes 0.11


The 'Valentines Day' event has now finished! Vikky Valentine will remain until next weeks patch so you
still have time to exchange your Candy's of Love!

  • Added an exit portal in Ivilis Temple
  • Behemoth weapons now