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Limited Time Items - Arctic Skins

Arctic Skins are now back in the shop for 1 week! they will be leaving the shop on the 20th of may.

You can now get to voting on what skins will be coming next!

Hotfix 0.19.1

Hotfix 0.19.1

Dekane Mine 1v1 Farm Area changes:
  • The HP of the monsters has been lowered
  • The Penya drop has been adjusted accordingly
  • You can now enter the Dekane Mines on Two separate channels

Patch Notes 0.19

Patch Notes 0.19
We will be doing a follow up patch early in the coming week,
this will tackle more things like boss blockrate and HP as we were having some issues working
out a balance for it , we now have a way to do it and we will need your help on…

Weekend Events for May 11th - 13th

Good day everyone!

Hello guys! It is May, the weather is warmer, sun is shining and I'm soon ready for the beach! Do you like to go for a swim? This weekend we will atleast be swimming in rewards!

This weekend the winners of the Giveaway event

The Vault - Limited Time Items

Vote to see previous limited time items return next week!