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Weekend Events for June 30th - July 1st

Hey Everyone!

Another week has gone by, and it's come down to a new weekend, with more scheduled events to be had!

We still have an on-going discussion for changes or suggestions in regards to these, but you can post about other event related things…

Design a Cloak Contest - Winners!

Ignite FlyFF Design a Cloak Contest Winners!

Thank you for participating in this contest!
Here is the list of our winners:

1st Place:

5000 Ignite Points, 3 Event Chips, Cloak added in-game

(Hidden Content)

2nd Place:
4000 Ignite

Design a Cloak Contest!

The Design a Cloak Contest is over, thank you very much for participating!
We'll announce the winners on Sunday 17th June!

Weekend Events for June 15th - June 17th

Hey Everyone!
Hopefully everyone has had an awesome week! As I've posted beforehand I am looking into making these scheduled events more fun / available for everyone.

If you'd like to participate in this discussion please add your opinions here:

Siege with the Staff, Low level Siege and Normal Siege! 8th - 10th of June

Hello all you beautiful people!

We will continue the success of the event Siege with the Staff, and invite you to another Siege Weekend!

What event is this?: This is essentially just a regular Guild Siege, but several Staff members will…