FFA Balance Patch 1.8


  • When converting card items, you can now select the amount of items you want to convert
  • When removing jewels from your weapon you can now choose which jewel you want to remove
  • When adding jewels to your weapon the window wont close anymore
  • You can now delete your guild logo
  • Added a check when players tries to sell items in private shops for less than the NPC selling price
  • Revamped the private chat window
    • Can be minimized now
    • Will safe your last conversation texts


  • Disabled the record book for players

FFA Changes:

  • The killfeed got moved under the ranking
  • Increased map size
  • Added more spawn points
  • Nerfed Elementor AOE damage in PVP by 10%
  • Spawnprotection will also apply on first entry