Patch Notes 1.11

- Adjusted 1vs1 farm area
- Changed max siege time from 30 to 45 minutes
- Increased the droprate from Level Up Keys / Boxes

- Nerfed Asal by 13%

- Fixed the Glaphan spawn
- Corrected location name from Achievement ( Cursed Animus )
- Vulcano Questies can't be deposited in guild donation window anymore

- /Time will now provide you the current server time

Rainbow Race:
The Rainbow Race is every Sunday at 4:30PM CET.
The first 3 players to complete these mini-games and return to the Rainbow Race NPC will be rewarded with Event Chips!

Secret Room:
Secret room is a PvP/PvE event where guilds go head to head to clear a challenging dungeon.
It is held every Sunday at 7pm CET. Players are recommended to be level 120 with strong gear to complete it.
If you guild leader disconnects, your guild won't be kicked.
The fastest guild will receive a set of 1 week Plush Guild Furniture.
All other guilds that manage to clear the secret room in the 30 minute time limit will receive a 1 week set of WoodenGuild Furniture.
For detailed information, please checkout our Wiki