Video Promotion Event

Dear Igniters, we have some awesome news for you!
Today, we will start a Video Promotion Event, it will end at the 1st of November 2019.

Video Creation & Editing Process:
- You have to cover interesting features that Ignite has to offer
- You don't have to cram every feature into the video; just use the ones that appeal to you personally
- Earn extra credit by using tasteful effects and animation
- The video must be uploaded to YouTube

Other regulations:
- If the video is blocked for music rights, you will also be disqualified.
- The link to the server must be in the information box.
- The video must be at least 1:45 minutes long.
- The maximum video duration is 5:00 minutes.

The three best videos receive the following rewards:
1st place: 7000 Ignite Points + 3 Event Chips
2nd place: 5000 Ignite Points + 2 Event Chips
3rd place: 3000 Ignite Points + 1 Event Chip

Ignite Staff members will choose the winners based on creativity, information given and the quality. Post your video in the #video-event-submission channel.
You can also use our logo, it will be pinned in the #video-event-submission channel.

Best of luck to everyone!

Ignite Staff